Visualization Project Evaluation Content

Cycle: Evaluation of Visualization Projects

3D-visualisation: Arq. Oscar Pastor
Client: Personal Project
Project: The Lighthouse
Formation of Commercial Proposal and Technical Specification

According to the results of yesterday’s survey, opinions were divided into three equal parts. Despite not giving an introduction to the project, it was important to demonstrate the logic behind the client’s decision. Interestingly, this "reinforcement" (i.e., the cheapest) approach to selecting a contractor is something I observe in every class, from economy to luxury.

Let’s run through the stages that affect the evaluation:

0. Introduction
  1. Analysis of the source material
  2. Setting preliminary perspectives
  3. Formation of Commercial Proposal and Technical Specification
  4. Contract conclusion
  5. Advance Payment of the Project
  6. Modeling
  7. Visualization
  8. Postproduction
  9. Working under NDA
  10. Source Files Transfe
  11. Project closure
  12. Exceptions
  13. Additional costs

It is important to note that this list is not only suitable for exterior statics, with which we mainly work. With minor adjustments, all these stages can be considered in the evaluation of interiors and animations.
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