The Formation. Locomotives

Cycle: Development Stages

Agency & 3D: DBOX
Project: 25 Park Row
Developer: L + M Development Partners & J & R Music World
Architecture: Cookfox & Studio Mellone & Starr Whitehouse
Location: New York

In the early 2010s, the demand for architectural visualization steadily increased. Despite the lack of a client portfolio, interacting with colleagues and subsequently freelancing from one architectural bureau to another allowed me to conclude a high demand for visualization services. Since the desire to develop specifically in developer’s archviz had not yet emerged (simply due to a lack of understanding of the client profile), I explored various areas of computer graphics, from architecture to game development. For instance, I rendered tanks for the Krik Design team, a highly fascinating task, especially in the modeling part. The project, of course, was under NDA, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

During this period, powerful locomotives of archviz were forming in the market. In Russia, the most prominent representative was probably Art3d. Back then, they acted as a convenient developer’s combine, offering turnkey solutions: websites, branding, renders, animations, etc. This approach has its downsides, but it did not prevent them from leaving a vast number of developers satisfied. Interestingly, they are proponents of licensed software, which is commendable. I remember once talking to their CEO, Mr. Milashenko, about working as an in-house visualizer. Fortunately for me, it didn’t work out, and a couple of years after that conversation, I launched Gork Studio.

As an example, I will mention what I believe to be the main international "combine," DBOX. Note that both examples position themselves not just as visualization studios, but as advertising agencies for the architectural-development market.
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