Cinematic Quality

3D: Nose of the Salmon
Project: NY-Loft

Sergey Tsypsyn recently mentioned in an article that the gamification of content, replacing the cinematic picture, is one of the trends actively integrated into CG project production. Finding an example of gamification for traditional statics is quite a non-trivial task. Ideas should be drawn from contemporary art exhibitions, following the example of Vadim Ivanov.

However, choosing a reference for setting a cinematic angle is a more familiar task for the architectural visualization industry. Such an angle, at a minimum, includes:

  1. Planarity
  2. The presence of a plot
  3. The dynamics of the action
  4. A traceable composition
  5. A wide format (16:9 and wider)

While searching for a reference, I stumbled upon an interesting thematic work, dated back to October of 2016. Despite the symmetry of the angle, the render is off not only as a whole but also in each of its individual parts. I deliberately divided the picture into three parts so that you could see the details.
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