Gork, harbor conceptual view

Associative Perception

3D-Visualisation: Norviska
Project: Jellyfish concept
Location: Australia

Flipping through another batch of fresh projects, we stumbled upon an interesting work from Norviska studio. Honestly, it’s not entirely clear what concept lies behind the harbor, but we were intrigued by the cruise liner located behind the concept.

Déjà vu. In 2019, we were in Venice at the CG conference State of Art Academy. Leisurely enjoying quattro formaggi in the evening on the promenade near San Marco, we were slightly taken aback when a floating house, just like the one in the render, silently passed by around the corner.

Associative perception of art is the kind of salt that settles in the soul and makes you remember the work non-verbally. Those works that carry such information are valuable.
3D visualization