Parametric Glaze House

Architecture: studio RAP
Project: Ceramic House
Geo: Amsterdam, Nl

As the artificial intelligence revolution is just gaining momentum, surprising the layman by capturing new areas each time, the frenzy of 3D printing in construction has already passed. The 3D printing market is maturing, with the balance between cost, quality, and speed of implementation being optimized, allowing the active use of unique solutions in practice.
If Gaudi had such tools, I think he would have managed to finish the Sagrada. The architecture by RAP studio, with the plasticity of its details, reminds me somewhat of the projects of the great author.

It’s amazing how the eye is so accustomed to seeing the traditional form of a brick that the wavy structure of the facade with brick texture is perceived as a renderer’s error that went overboard with displacement. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exactly how the idea was born.

Revolutionary and beautiful? — Yes. Does it stand out from its surroundings? — No. And that means it will go mainstream. Be sure to check out the projects of this studio — they specialize in such architecture.

PS It also reminded me of Christo’s installation projects. If he had the opportunity to quickly print shells on a printer, he probably would have given up on fabric.