Manege at VDNKh

Architecture: Prospect
Project: Riding Hall
3D-Visualisation: Gork Studio
Location: VDNH, Moscow

VDNKh is a unique place, similar to a modern EXPO. Its key feature is the concentration within the city limits of an extensive area of amazing achievements of the republics of the former USSR and their traditions. Walking around VDNKh, you can feel like you have traveled through all the cities of Russia and the CIS in a very short time.

The old manege was an open space with destroyed sculptural elements on the territory. Meanwhile, a tilted fence enclosing a horse-riding area added a special charm. APM Prospect workshop decided to create an enclosed complex, convenient for all-season riding. To maintain the feeling of an open complex, full glazing of the facade was used, which picturesquely plays in the reflection of the adjacent pond.

PS Attention, there’s a cat in the renders! 😏
Gork Architecture 3D visualization