Gork, perspective view apartment selection

Choosing a Floor

Cycle: Types of Perspectives

3D-Visualisation: Gork Studio
Client: NNDK
Location: Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

A frontal viewpoint from the height of the building’s midpoint for selecting a section/floor/apartment.

The most 'melancholic' content in terms of artistry, but vitally important for filling the sales website.

There’s a logical explanation for this:

  1. All perspectives are uniform.
  2. A roughly similar atmosphere is chosen for all.
  3. It’s rare to allow any shadows on the facade (according to developers' analysts, apartments in the shade in renders sell worse).
  4. The facade surface should not be too contrasty due to the transparency of the floor selection slider on the website.
Gork Guides 3D visualization