"Client Wishes": How to Avoid Them?

Part 2

3D: BergaGonzalez
Project: Boxing gym

Reflecting on yesterday’s thesis "who pays for the feast", I’d like to add another remark. Many clients want to participate in the work process, and it’s important to always remember that you are the visualization specialist, not them.

To minimize the flow of comments, these points should be followed:

1.Flawlessly execute your work, excluding graphical, technical, and logical errors.

2.Clearly outline the contract, which includes:
  • References for each angle
  • Camera positions
  • Scope of modeling
  • Plot
  • Deadlines
  • Incoming information
  • Publication terms
  • Format of the final content

3.It’s critically important to secure all the above before starting the project and specify that any work beyond the project's scope will be charged extra.

By recording these details, you reduce the risk of unplanned changes, and most comments will become subjective, giving you the opportunity to contest them if necessary.

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