People in Renders

3D-Visualisation: Plots Studio
Project: Soda Factory
Client: SCA Property Group / CBRE Retail
Location: QLD, Australia

I would like to discuss the role of people in 3D visualizations. Firstly, they are an essential part of the work, as without them there would be no life.

There are only three ways to 'place' people in an image:

  • 3D people
  • 2D plates
  • 2D post-production

The best approach is to combine these methods to achieve optimal quality and implementation speed. For instance, use 3D for distant scenes with ambient lighting, 2D plates for distant scenes with solar atmosphere, and solely 2D post-production for middle and close shots.

In today’s work from Plots Studio, one can observe the stunning level of people’s post-production. Compositionally, the visualization is also strong, but imagine what it would be like if people were removed from the render.)
3D visualization