Branding: The Salt
Project: Residenzen Am Weinberg
Client: Whitecrow Partners
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

A short definition of branding is the presentation packaging of all available materials for the sale of an architectural object.

Choosing a branding agency is no less important than choosing a contractor for visualization, and if we consider our bias towards development, the list of works covered by this section will explain why:

  1. Formation of a corporate style (fonts, color palette, logo, materials)
  2. Distilling the idea into understandable and simple theses
  3. Selection or creation of a visual associative array from photographs or drawings
  4. Website and landing page development
  5. Adapting social networks for the project
  6. Development of printed materials (brand book, business cards, presentation, brochures, and other identity items)
  7. Finally, integrating visualization as the main content

Branding can both enhance the perception of a project and cause rejection. Today’s project is about excellent branding.
3D visualization