About Disliking Interior Designs

3D visualisation: Chanushev Architect
Project: CA Office design
Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

If you take a look at our portfolio on Behance or Instagram, you’ll find a predominant number of exterior projects over interior ones.

Historically, my first projects in architectural visualization were urban planning ones. I consider the Grozny City-2 project (opposite the first phase that burned) as the starting point. The project didn’t go into implementation, but the skills, as they say, remained.

All subsequent projects also involved extensive environmental development. The Adler Station and other Sochi projects are testament to that.

Finally, when rare requests for interior implementations started coming in, I felt somewhat 'confined' in these projects. Of course, I am fully aware that these tasks are technically complex and often interesting in their own right. However, I find enhancing my expertise in exteriors much more appealing.