References to Soviet Influence

3D-Visualisation: Pictown
Project: National Cultural & Congress Center
Client: Compass Architekti
Location: Nové Lido, Bratislava

We were passing through Slovakia, where the influence of Soviet culture is distinctly visible: a vivid example of Eastern Europe. The contrast was particularly striking on the route from the small but technologically advanced airport to the historic center. The five-story panel buildings with the well-known amenities, people, cars, gave a feeling as if we had never left our native residential area.

It was all the more surprising to see the implementation of such projects amidst obvious infrastructural problems on the outskirts. On the other hand, this is a story of image, moreover located in the historic and central district of Bratislava. However, one can’t shake off the feeling of just a beautiful façade (doesn't it remind you of something?)

Here I would like to make a remark and clarify that the project itself is stunning; it fits incredibly organically into its surroundings.
3D visualization Architecture