Gork, raw render visualization

Quality Criteria Classification

Cycle: Quality Criteria

D: Sérgio Merêces
Project: Science Research Center
Location: Greenland

It is commonly accepted that "beauty" is subjective. As an advocate of a systematic approach, I believe that in the context of architectural visualization, we can break down a completed work into separate blocks, based on which we can assess the project and argue whether it is beautiful or not, and most importantly, why.

General Criteria Blocks:
  • Technical
  • Artistic
  • Subjective

Cycle Content:
1 Introduction
2 Classification

Technical Criteria (the basis of which is the "raw render" before post-production)
3 Frame Composition
4 Geometry Accuracy
5 Object Detailing
6 Lighting
7 Materials

Artistic Criteria (formed during the post-production stage)
8 Storytelling and People
9 Artistic Style

Subjective Criteria (the only block where everyone’s answers will be unique)
10 Experience
11 The Framework of Perception
12 Personal Preferences
Guides 3D visualization