Project and Client Manager (PM and CM)

Cycle: About Employees

Illustration: Vittorio Bonapace
Project: Ordinary Beauty for The challenge of Tomorrow | 2020
Location: Hudson Yards, NYC

As we don’t have a CM, the story will focus only on the PM with extended client functions. The difference between them lies in the fact that the PM, to a greater extent, works on the production side with the studio’s artists, while the CM interacts with the client. In the exchange of information, they intersect and act as a buffer for adapting incoming and outgoing information.

The duties of our PM include:

  1. Exchanging information with clients/staff/outsourcing
  2. Translating from client language to artists' language and vice versa
  3. Interaction strategies
  4. Preparing technical specifications
  5. Project assessment and proposal preparation
  6. Handling objections to comments
  7. Maintaining team morale
  8. Flawless texts in this public space :)
Guides 3D visualization