Vegetation Introduction

Cycle: Vegetation

3D: Sebastian Kochel
Pr: Mokotów Fields II
Arch: WXCA

  1. Introduction
  2. Classification
  3. On the Heels of Heat

As spring enters its active phase, everything turns green, and allergy sufferers exchange sneezes, it’s time to talk about one of the main fillers for renders — vegetation.

Greenery is a category of the environment that lies at the top of the scene layer hierarchy alongside architecture, master planning, and setup. This happens for three reasons:

  1. Selecting and planting greenery is a labor-intensive stage of work with its own set of models and auxiliary elements;
  2. Due to the weightiness of vegetation, there is a need for a separate button to disable greenery all at once to speed up work;
  3. The indicator, of course, varies, but in most cases, vegetation in the form of trees, shrubs, and grass fills a large part of the image, serving as the main sculptural tool of the composition;
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