Bird’s Eye View

Cycle: Types of Perspectives

3D-Visualisation: Gork Studio
Project: Spanish Quarters
Client: A101 Development
Location: Moscow, Russia

A bird’s eye view is the most challenging type of perspective in architectural visualization. Mastering high-quality bird’s eye views significantly increases the likelihood of successfully completing a project. This serves as a litmus test for several logical reasons:

  1. Increased demands for systematic organization of the scene due to a large number of objects. Perfect order within the scene.
  2. Higher requirements for the hardware of workstations. Some of our projects require more than 128 GB of RAM.
  3. Bird’s eye views are about teamwork, which must operate like a well-oiled machine.
  4. The quality of the bird’s eye assembly affects the speed and quality of closer perspectives.

We classify bird’s eye views by the distance of perspective into the following categories:

  • Mega master plan
  • Bird’s eye view
  • Inner courtyard perspective
  • Fragmentary perspective
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