Supermegapolises of the Future

3D-Visualisation: Tomorrow AB
Project: Gateway Tower
Architecture: Gensler
Location: Chicago, USA

The development of supermegapolises is one of the urban trends for the coming decades. Whether we like it or not, locations such as Moscow will continue their expansion, modernizing and updating their structure. The construction of skyscrapers will meet the needs of people for work and living. It would be interesting to observe how vertical urban connections between architectural objects will develop over the next 30−50 years.

There seems to be a need to create a multi-level infrastructure tied to sections of already built buildings, roads, transitions, typical nodes for attaching such structures — it’s breathtaking!

Moreover, looking at existing skyscrapers or those being designed, one can’t help but think that someday they will become classics, and people will fondly recall how cozy the constructions made by our ancestors were.)
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