About the Employees Introduction

Cycle: About Employees

3D: Edgehogs
Project: 7 Seconds

  1. Introduction
  2. Modeler
  3. Visualizers and Generalists
  4. Compositor and Matte Painter
  5. Project and Client Manager
  6. Technical Director
  7. Art Director
  8. Studio Manager

Recently, I had the opportunity to explain to a savvy senior police lieutenant the benefits of working as a project manager in the architectural and design sphere, including what a project manager actually does. Almost convinced him to switch to the civilian sector! I’ll keep you posted if he leaves the force 😄 (hopefully, I won’t get fired for this)

In the upcoming cycle, I propose to discuss the specialists that make up a 3D visualization studio, the tasks that need to be handled in-house, and what can be outsourced.
Guides 3D visualization