A 160-meter emoji

Project: MSG Sphere
Arhitecture: Populous
Structural engineer: AECOM
For: Madison Square Garden
Geo: Las Vegas, US

Let’s take a break from animation.

Imagine stepping out onto your balcony with a cup of coffee in the morning, only to be observed by a house-sized yellow emoji. It oddly reminds me of the famous "oh hell no" from Scary Movie.

The madness of this building is that, measuring 160 meters in diameter, its spherical surface is covered with LED panels both inside and out. Moreover, the outer surface constantly displays images. It seems like the folks at MSG have devised a new form of advertising that we’ll likely soon see elsewhere in the Emirates (hinted by AECOM) or China.

The sphere reminds me of the recent trend in 3D advertising on building facades, but given its shape, the sphere has many more applications. The planet installations alone are impressive.

According to people flying into Nevada, the Sphere is clearly visible even from an airplane, making it an enticing "billboard". However, the cost of advertising for a day starts at $ 450,000.

Overall, it’s a prime example of what the metaverse might look like in reality. This chameleon-like building can take on any appearance, even becoming "transparent".

P. S. What if there was an entire district of buildings covered in LED panels? Considering that anything can be created in 3D, it sounds quite eerie.