Comprehensive Project Packaging

3D-Visualisation: WAX
Project: Nieuw Bergen
Architecture: MVRDV & SDK Vastgoed
Location: Limburg, Netherlands

Approaching the creation of creatives for real estate promotion is a complex task. It requires building interaction chains between developers, architects, marketers, visualizers, website builders, PR specialists, and social media marketers to accurately convey the idea to the final buyer.

For instance, it often happens that great creatives are published on inconvenient platforms, repelling potential buyers.

Today’s set of renders from WAX studio is not about that. By following the link to the project’s website, one can observe a well-packaged project where the interaction of all production participants is evident. As a result, the focus of attention is held for a long time when viewing the material, and it invites study, even if you were not planning to buy square meters there.
3D visualization Architecture