Technical Director

Cycle: About Employees

3D-Visualisation: Ginsun
Project: 5 Star Hilton Hotel
Location: China

I take on the role of the technical director in our team. We will talk more about my functions as the head of the studio, but for now, let’s discuss something very pleasant — hardware and software. For me, this is not just a position, but rather a hobby.

The task of the tech. director is to ensure the absence of bugs, crashes, and other technical issues. To achieve this, it is necessary to: ⁃ Purchase and set up the necessary equipment; ⁃ Develop network infrastructure; ⁃ Search for and adapt new work tools; ⁃ Debug and update software; ⁃ Keep up with new technologies.

Soon, we will launch a detailed cycle about hardware and software, where I’ll thoroughly discuss our infrastructure and the costs involved.
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