Gork, summer Park Animation

Initially, we had one bank, two parks, and four cameras

Client: VTB
Forum: Finopolis
Animation: Gork Studio

Today we’ll talk about VTB, a project that aptly fits into our series on animation. The task was to devise a couple of park locations within two weeks and create a total of four minutes of looped animation for a large booth at the recently concluded Finopolis forum.

I’ve discussed the technical aspects of assembling vegetation in animation tasks in detail in this article. Here, we’ll just focus on the project’s outcome.

Separately uploaded high-res versions on YouTube (let me know if you’re interested in a ten-hour version — we’ll make it😄):

To say that our entire team broke a sweat during this time is an understatement. But the client was satisfied, and we even unlocked a new achievement, having our video shown to [Elvira Nabiullina]. It’s damn pleasing!

PS: Gathering feedback and observing people’s reactions to your team’s projects is a brief but emotionally gratifying and pleasant part of the work process. How this happens in real life was described in a publication about meeting the residents of Scandinavia.
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