Sorting and Filtering Visual Content

Photo: Gork Journal

After sorting and filtering material from 50,000 of our own photographs and 1,000 studio renders for our new portal, my eyes are a bit strained. I’ll share the method of working with such a volume. This is relevant for those who are assembling a portfolio, designing projects, publications, etc.

Algorithm for Selecting Visual Content:

1.Set a Goal

2.Define Criteria:
  • Final Volume (sweet spot: 1−3%)
  • Material Typology (for example: only the best 16:9 format works)
  • List of Categories

  • Primary
Intuitive and quick, based on the "like — don’t like" principle.
  • Formal
Filter out everything that doesn’t meet the selection criteria. Adjust the format of what looks good but doesn’t fit the conditions.
  • By Categories
On large volumes, they may be adjusted — that’s normal.
  • Detailed
Thoughtful composition. When assembling collages, look for compositional, color, logical, and other connections between adjacent images.

And don’t forget about the naming system.

PS By the way, from the volume described at the beginning of the article, 400 photographs and 140 renders were retained in the end. Most of the portal’s work is at the final stage. We’re hurrying to finish before the New Year)
Gork Photo