Inspiration Space Part 2

Architecture: Brückner & Brückner Architekten
Project: Monastery to a Music Conservatory
Client: Bayerische Musikakademie Hammelburg e.V.
Location: Hammelburg, Germany

We have previously written about successful forms of church building reconstructions. We’d like to present another successful example of transforming a monastery into a conservatory.

You can read the architects' cover letter for this project through the project link. We wanted to focus on the details and materials. From an engineering perspective, the inclusion of wood in the construction positively affects the acoustic effect. On the other hand, the associative range that arises from combining preserved vault and truss forms with pristine white walls creates an incredible sense of coziness.

Moreover, classical music is more about history, and listening to history in the midst of historical architecture is, in our opinion, doubly pleasant.

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