New York

Production: Davide Calabrò
Pr: 5th Avenue — Witness of
Location: New York

We are excited to announce that Evgenia has joined our team as a new member to promote our interests in the USA (with a blue passport, it’s quite serious). But more on that later.

Today, I wanted to share with you a snippet of our dialogue about the first impression of a city like New York. If you travel from the airport to the city center not by taxi, but by train, there’s a stark transition from a flat landscape to a realm of vertical dominants. Involuntarily, your gaze shifts upwards to the sky, and your thoughts try to adapt to the new futuristic surroundings. Over time, the gaze often returns to a natural direction, and you start to notice the incredible rhythm of life made up of human streams of various calibers, the colorful details of last century’s architecture, and the exposed engineering systems. Describing this dialogue takes my breath away.

In my opinion, today’s project well illustrates this initial impression.
Architecture 3D visualization