Technical Detailing of a Render

3D-visualisation: WAX
Project: Copenhagen Airport
Architecture: SHL & Rubow Arkitekter

Having driven over a thousand kilometers across the Nizhny Novgorod region this weekend, at some point, I desperately wanted to reach the airport and teleport to Moscow in an hour. But no luck — there were no tickets available for any type of transport due to the city’s 800th anniversary. Crowds of tourists. Everyone wants to go home :)

Therefore, it seems logical to post today about the much-desired airport project with available transfer spots. Working on the exterior in such projects is always a pleasure, as we deal with a non-standard technical environment, which is always interesting to explore in detail.

As for the interior, it appears more laconic and functional. It’s pleasing to see how a good studio solves the technical detailing of the project not by focusing on architecture but, for example, by incorporating people into the design. There are many of them, they fit the general narrative, and are well integrated. Just like at the 800th anniversary :)
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