We had a medieval castle, a pond, and a lot of forest.

Architecture: 3HLD Architects
Project: Rimac Campus
Location: Zagreb, Croatia

One of the key pieces of knowledge imparted in architectural education is the ability to integrate an architectural object into its environment.

But what if you are tasked with placing a modern campus, a factory production block, and a testing ground for electric cars, as well as a residential block with all the infrastructure in a nature reserve area with historical monuments? The solution can be seen in the architectural design from 3HLD. In our opinion, it looks quite harmonious.

From an ecological standpoint, huge solar panels are used here. The natural topography of the area is preserved, and the buildings mimic the form of the relief. It seems that working in such a place can be quite productive. It must be admitted that factories nowadays do not look like unattractive industrial thromboses, but rather like a futuristic utopia.