Types of Perspectives How many renders does a residential complex need?

3D-Visualisation: Gork Studio
Project: Flower Meadows
Client: MIC
Location: Moscow, Russia

Throughout our work with clients, we have identified the basic need for the amount of content for a single project. The universal formula is as follows:

n + k + p*2

n — the total number of separate residential complexes in the project k — the total number of buildings p — the total number of unique internal courtyards

Let’s take the example of the MIC’s Staroselie first stage project: (1 + 14 + 2*2) = 19 renders

This formula is suitable for the minimal necessary content of a sales website, including types of renders such as:

  1. Atmosphere shots
  2. Bird’s eye view
  3. Floor selection

In the following posts, we will discuss what these types of renders are)
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