Reasonable Use of Tools

3D-Visualisation: Element
Project: Fluor
Architecture: Elephant Studio
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Clients often strive to display as much information as possible on renders. Sometimes this reaches the point of absurdity, making the visualization work resemble a supermarket spree with an unlimited budget but limited time.

Attention to detail is undoubtedly necessary, but it is important to listen to and trust the author’s voice. Working with details can, in a literal sense, be endless. Here, the artist must find a balance between quality realism, available timeframes, and the cost of the work.

For those who doubt this, I can offer another analogy: most famous abstractionists can paint in hyperrealism. So, don’t rush to criticize the author if they didn’t add a few leaves on the asphalt. Perhaps, they really don’t belong there.
3D visualization