Cheers to Renders!

3D Visualisation: WOLF Visualizing Architecture
Architecture: Snøhetta
Project: Ex Macello — Aria
Location: Milan, Italy

It’s so pleasing to see architects paying due attention to visualization. Sometimes, I find it hard to understand why stunning projects are deprived of quality presentations. After all, the cost of visualization is nothing compared to the overall project cost.

Snøhetta is one of my favorite architectural firms, free from such flaws. Every project they handle (even the most conceptual ideas) is wrapped in an excellent package. Perhaps, it’s hard for marketers to justify material that works solely on recognizability and image factor. But they should!

For instance, while searching for the authors of these visualizations, I stumbled upon several forums where people enthusiastically discuss the upcoming project. The audience ranges from locals living near the complex to fellow architects. What else, if not this, makes a company recognizable?
3D visualization