Disintegrating Composition

3D Visualisation: Mir.
Architecture: Studio Gang
Project: The Richard Gilder Center

Continuing from yesterday’s topic, I’d like to share with you two elementary tools that were instilled in me during my study of academic drawing in architecture.

The concept of a disintegrating composition exists. It’s when you look at a technically clean work, but something causes a dissonance and a feeling of the work being unfinished.

To be sure of this, you need to:

  • Squint strongly and look at the blurred spots of the work as a whole. If there is a compositional imbalance, you will notice it immediately.
  • Turn the work 180 degrees. Nothing invigorates and surprises quite like your own reflected portrait. It seems like you, but also not) It’s a similar story here. By turning the image, you literally evaluate the frame from a different angle, cutting off the primary meaning and paying more attention to the composition of the frame. If there are any falling dominants and imbalances in the work, they will also immediately become apparent.
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