White Geometry

Project: Fort & Port
Architecture: IDMM
Ph: Jaeyoun Kim
Geo: Yeosu, KR

Renders in white material, as one of the preview stages, sometimes appeal to me more than color visualizations. The reason is simple: on the white previews, the pure geometry is visible, allowing one to discard all unnecessary information, evaluate the frame layout quality, composition, and the interaction of objects.

Perhaps that’s why architectural projects made of concrete, covered with plaster, or white panels, evoke a special fascination in me. Regardless of the complexity of the form: futuristic projects by Zaha, Soviet architect Ginzburg, or my favorite, Calatrava — they all allow even those far from architecture to understand the creative intent.

Working with a single material is both complex and simple in execution. Here, the perception is equally enhanced by both correct compositional decisions and compositional errors. If a project has unbalanced volume, no material can make this architecture interesting. Conversely, the perception effect, with a balanced volume, which is well-received even without textures, becomes much more interesting with a skillfully chosen material layout.

PS Check out the projects of IDMM Architects — it’s a concrete paradise for fans of monolithic architecture.
Architecture Photo