Everything new is a well-forgotten old

3D-visualisation: Urban Jungle
Project: WIMA
Client: Cavatina Architects
Location: Radomsko, Poland

I recall about ten years ago in Moscow, there was a crazy demand for the reconstruction of old factories, mills, and everything that incorporates old red brick, truss ceilings, huge workshop windows, and intricate metal structures into the building’s body.

All this was named loft, and there was a maximum effort to delicately preserve the historical details of the rooms and facades. The attraction formula of such architecture is quite simple, especially for the interior, where against the background of a rough unpolished brick wall, a simple rug immediately adds +50 points to coziness. And this applies to almost any interior item. It is important to follow one rule: use a warm palette for black colors, wood in tone with the brick, and plaster the remaining surfaces with white.
3D visualization