Integration of 3D into Photos

3D-visualisation: Construct Media
Project: Queens House
Client: Knight Frank
Location: St James, London

To start with a question: try to identify the target building for which the visualization was made on the images. Honestly, without closely inspecting in high resolution, it’s not immediately clear. You can check if your identification is correct by following the link with the project name. At the end, there will be a video with the montage.

I can’t say anything bad about the montage (both the birds and the close-up angles). However, there is a repeat of the matte paint story, where we are tightly bound to viewpoints and their atmosphere.

As a bonus, we get the right not to model the surrounding buildings and the general plan. In return, we need additional time for the precise setup of the angle and atmosphere settings.

Also, our realities are hardly suitable for montage: dilapidated architecture, garbage, and other unsightliness are absent except perhaps in central parts of cities, like near-Garden spaces.
3D visualization