Gork, snowy Moscow scenery


As the saying goes: "I'll flip the calendar, and again it’s the third of December" Colleagues and all involved in the 3D industry! Today is our professional holiday!)) No wonder Moscow is laden with snow)

They say that if you behave well on this day, drink mulled wine, and don’t curse 3Ds Max, then you will have no shortage of clients all the next year!

May your scenes always back up in time before crashing, and may the bills for projects arrive on the day of their completion)

Happy holiday!

A small present for the crown bearers:

  1. Corona 11
  2. Material Library
  3. Mulled wine for the crown here
  4. Scatter treatment at: C: ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\ChaosScatter3dsMax2024
  5. Overview of new features