Adult-Level Visualization

3D-Visualisation: DBOX
Project: 432 Park Avenue
Client: CIM Group, Macklowe Properties
Location: New York, US

In every field, there are leaders with staggering budgets and productions on par with Hollywood studios. Visualization and the CG sphere are no exception, boasting their own stars.

DBOX is one such studio. Based in the United States, their years of practice have granted them access to fascinating projects, creating a presentation style that has become a benchmark for many colleagues in the industry. They also launched a vital project for all visualizers — the rules for publishing others' works in information publics. Its essence is the attribution of credits at the beginning of the article, a practice we support and gladly follow.

We attended a conference in Lviv in 2019, where Matthew, one of the studio’s owners, presented this project. The approach is impressive. There’s no need for long explanations — it’s easier to dive into the content and enjoy the views.
3D visualization