Light-hearted Take on Serious Matters. Part 1

3D-visualisation: Molino Pasini
Project: The Art of Flour
Client: Molino Pasini

In our search for interesting projects, we stumbled upon the work of an Italian artist who presented a rather amusing concept for flour advertising.

Why did we take notice of this particular item, you may ask? It’s simple: the project page mentions that the creation tool was a Wacom drawing tablet and Photoshop, typical attributes of 2D graphics.

But in reality, it’s clearly 3D. This is evident from the perspective with the blue bag and spheres. Pay attention to two aspects:

  1. The rough geometric joint from polygons in the lower left part of the image.
  2. The 100% accurate detailed shadows, both general and from the minor roughness on the flour’s surface. Creating such shadows in 2D is theoretically possible, but it’s akin to counting grains of sand on a beach.

Part 2
3D visualization