Evolution. A Specific Case

Cycle: Development Stages

3D: iddqd Studio
Project: Desert Resort
Client: Mckinley Studios

The phenomenon of evolution can also be characterized as the transformation of the industry itself. It is inevitable for two fundamental reasons:

  1. Saturation, which we mentioned earlier.
  2. The development of software and hardware.

Looking ahead, I assume that the need for traditional static renders and animations is unlikely to disappear in the near future. However, competition among artists and studios will become increasingly fierce each year, and many will drop out of the race. A complete "collapse" may only occur when a render-configurator with an integrated auto-modeling block and a "make it beautiful" button is invented. For me, this still sounds like science fiction. On the other hand, five years ago, I couldn’t have imagined using 128 threads on a single processor. We must always remember that the world of CG is a technologically advanced industry, and, like the weather in the mountains, it can change in an instant.
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