The Emergence. The Era of Plenty

Cycle: Development Stages

3D: iCube
Architecture: ADM
Project: Malaya Ordynka 19

I delved into architectural visualization in 2011, joining a top team of visualizers led by Yuri Zlotnikov and such masters as Artem Fedotov and Arthur Kononov. At that time, I was still studying architecture, while the guys already had years of experience working with large-scale projects (Artem, for example, had experienced the times when 3ds Max was called 3D Studio).

There were no tutorials on YouTube then, and everything had to be learned from books or by trial and error. Stanislav Orekhov was the only one conducting courses.

Those who were involved in architectural visualization up to and including 1998 nostalgically refer to this period as "the era of plenty." The lack of competition allowed one to buy an apartment in Moscow in a short time, and even frankly weak specialists were in high demand.

I mention a thematic example of a company that you all know well, which experienced this prosperous time.

(By the way, we recently talked with the architects of this project.)
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