Solo Visualizers

Cycle: Types of Teams

3D-visualisation: Michael Menzelincef
Project: Star Wars: Tactical EXO R2D2

Or individual 3D visualizers. They single-handedly work through all stages of visualization, starting from client communication to the visualization itself and post-production.

In 90% of cases, solo players are those we describe below. 10% are well-known, specialized professionals with bookings for a year or even two ahead (today's project).

  • Prices significantly lower than the market

Cons (usually):
  • Beginners who have just completed 3D visualization courses, which rarely provide good training
  • Lack of a strong portfolio with at least 15−20 works similar in level and style
  • Poor technical equipment
  • High risks of untimely or complete project failure
  • Inability to defend the correct artistic perspective
  • No legal entity

  • Carefully examine the portfolio for quality and plagiarism
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