Gork, diverse professional backgrounds

Studio Manager

Cycle: About Employees

3D: Boundless Images
Project: Ocean Park
Location: Hong Kong

I often attended conferences before the pandemic, interacting with colleagues in the industry. It’s always interesting to hear how founders ended up in archviz.

Musician, tractor driver, physicist — these are just a few of the amusing "pre-career" specializations. However, these are specific cases, and the main source of talent remains architectural universities.

I had a similar story. Around my third year at NNGASU, I became more concerned with the visual aspect of projects than with compliance with building codes. As a result, in my fifth year, I moved to Moscow to work at the infamous Mostovik and simultaneously finish my thesis.

During my career, I had to master not only the craft of visualization but also the professions of a lawyer and accountant, develop connections, become an HR and social media manager. This is the foundation, but the key is forming and implementing a strategy that allows achieving target indicators by creating content that resonates with you.
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