Where Do Visualizers Come From

3D-Visualisation: Tam Bui
Project: FLYCITY
Location: Concept

Listening to the success stories of established colleagues is especially interesting, particularly when their paths have been so intricate and far removed from the concept of art that it’s astonishing.

However, architectural universities are still considered the main forge of talents. Students who are mainly passionate about the visual component in projects are the best potential 3D artists.

Many budding architects choose 3D over designing because the threshold to work with beautiful architecture is much lower than in any architectural bureau, where turnover with work can be endless.

At an architectural university, visualizers acquire such important skills as:

  • Broad visual exposure
  • General architectural vision
  • Understanding of effective presentation
  • Ability to immerse in the architecture environment
  • Skill to work within tight deadlines and analyze large volumes of data.
3D visualization