Mars Station

Photo: Gork Journal
Geo: Mars VDNKh, RU

Architectural models are a fascinating thing. Although we don’t deal with them in the studio, we are interested in observing how our colleagues in the field work with our scenes, creating miniature copies of architectural objects.

There are examples of models in the journal (one, two).

I’ll add another one, which I found in the space pavilion at VDNH. The project concept demonstrates a Martian station capable of autonomously constructing new modules.

The scheme is brilliant and simple: a drilling rig gradually moves in a spiral from the central block, forming new station modules from the planet’s surface soil. The scalability is superb, plus the scheme is applicable not only to Mars but also to any other planet. Of course, the question of regular equipment delivery for outfitting modules remains open. But from a logical standpoint, the idea itself looks quite plausible.

PS I will attach a few more photos for the ambiance to the model.)
Gork Photo