City Code Part 2

3D-visualisation: Morform
Project: Staircase exhibition
Client: Non-commercial
Location: NY, USA

Returning to the topic of yesterday’s conversation, I’d like to add a few more practical theses. Specifically, to share why we love working on 3D visualization projects.

At every stage of render creation, we focus on the environment where the object is located. We study its location on the map, taking into account the topography and surrounding buildings. A distance of 100−200 km can drastically change the vegetation, not to mention the differences in climate zones. Details such as road markings, car numbers, and even the ways pedestrian crossings blend into roads and sidewalks are unique in each city. And, of course, people. What kind of life stories are most likely to occur in a given place?

These and many other details, combined with the questions you ask during the process, so firmly embed the location in your memory that it feels like you’ve lived there for some time.

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