Library in Porto

3D: 3DQ Studio
Pr: Redesign Lello library in Oporto
Client: Concept
Location: Porto, Portugal

Here are three facts related to this library:

  1. The famous photo-YouTuber Kai W shot a review of another camera in the interiors of this library. His pain was in the crowds of tourists circulating on the main staircase and preventing filming.
  2. Our Art Director was in Portugal at the very beginning of the pandemic, and it was at this time that the library closed to visitors.
  3. The guys from 3DQ Studio generally love the aesthetics of transforming real space into historical form.

What will help them all together? Correct! A well-assembled 3D scene of the library, allowing you to enjoy the absence of people, always be available for visiting, and with a light historical chaos)
3D visualization