Gork, remote studio concept

Remote Studio, Part 1

Cycle: Types of Teams

At present, we are representatives of the remote studio format ourselves (upd. in 2021 we reopened a cozy office in the center of Moscow). Honestly, moving away from the office was a grudging process, and I kept it out of inertia for almost a year and a half, using it as a warehouse.)

I can highlight several interesting metamorphoses that have occurred with us, but the main achievement was that some of our active clients still have not noticed the transition.

  • The amount of work has doubled since mid-2020.
  • The remote format indicates that the studio has excellently established forms of internal communication (both artistic and technical, as well as administrative).
  • You must have a powerful server with wide VPN tunnels for convenient employee access to company files.
  • There are no overhead costs for maintaining an office.
  • We have maintained average market costs. Our colleagues, who work in the same format, can afford a similar policy due to the absence of office maintenance costs.