Water Building

Architecture: Francois Brugel Architectes Associes, LAGNEAU Architectes, SANAA, SRA Architectes
Project: La Samaritaine
Photo: Jared Chulski
Location: Paris, France

Recently, we discussed the importance of glass in high-rise construction. But what if we choose glass as the primary facade material for lower-rise buildings?

A team of architects, credited at the start of the post, brilliantly addressed the reconstruction of a building situated among historical structures. For one of the facades, they used full glazing, the highlight of which was its plastic and decorative wave-like form.

Such solutions might have been used elsewhere, but I have never seen anything like it. The glass itself lends lightness to the voluminous facade, and its wavy form creates surreal reflections of the surrounding environment. Mesmerizing.

The only question is the practicality of such a solution: how do you clean such a facade?

By the way, here’s another example of unconventional glazing in a low-rise building.
Architecture Photo