Fishing Village

Photo: Gork Journal
Geo: Ryazan, RU

I was dropped in Ryazan a couple of days ago to explore cool architectural sites. My attention was captured by an intriguing lighthouse located 10 km from the city, in a place called Fishing Village. Fields, sparse vegetation, rain, gusty wind, and the Oka River with adjacent lakes, create an atmosphere of a harsh Nordic region, where a lighthouse with a complex of buildings in the style of the fjord countries was erected.

When I was there, two locations came to mind that could serve as references for this project. The first location is the renders from Asgard in the article "Scandinavian Arthouse," published exactly two years ago. Just look at the matching color palette. The second reference is an article about Burano, a satellite of Venice. Again, the color of architectural details exactly matches the original reference.

I don’t know what projects inspired the owners of this site in reality, but the result is very atmospheric.

PS It’s best to visit in spring by boat or helicopter when the snow melts, flooding all fields and transforming the village into an island.
Gork Photo Architecture