Healthy Balance

3D-Visualisation: DIG group
Project: Old Cotton Factory
Client: Whitecrow Partners
Location: Koln, Germany

One form of mastery in 3D is a high level of versatility when working with projects. A good studio or artist is distinguished by the ability to systematically produce high-quality work regardless of the type of image, whether it’s a bird, a close-up view, a still life, or an interior.

This is not an axiom, but there are groups that specialize, for principled reasons, in, for example, interiors only. As in art: many famous Impressionists or even avant-gardists were quite adept at realism techniques, although it might seem otherwise. Professionals in 3D are characterized by the ability to find a way to solve any task. However, this does not oblige them to do all types of renders. It’s great when you can do exactly what you like, revealing all aspects of the activity in the project.

DIG group gathered a scene, the details of which are a pleasure to examine regardless of the frame type.
3D visualization