Gloomy Futurism

Photo: Alexander Kaunas
Series: the New World Habitat
Location: Chongqing

This series is dedicated to the problems of overpopulation on the planet. Just think: the municipality of Chongqing is comparable in area to Austria! The grim tone is undoubtedly due to the style of the photographs, but if you look closer, it’s not just about that. The hyper-urbanized environment itself leaves no chance for the nature we are used to. The entire territory is literally rolled into concrete. And the comfort of the urban environment has so declined in favor of functionality, that it will be obvious even to those unfamiliar with architecture.

Looking at the shoreline, one recalls the tree-lined Moscow embankments. Yes, there are tiles and asphalt, but they don’t give the feeling of a scorched desert; there are trees and fountains that create coziness. Chongqing, however, is reminiscent of a computer game set on another planet.

Perhaps it’s time to take a breath, walk through Gorky Park, and feel how good it is when you are surrounded by a balanced approach to urban planning.
Photo Architecture